About Retail World & Contributions

Retail World was created as a sister site to our original website Kmart World. We started Kmart World in 2009 to post pictures and stories about Kmart and Sears stores. Once we started going out and documenting those stores, we gathered a lot of other retail pictures and stories that weren't Kmart or Sears related. In 2016 we stated the Retail World Facebook page to post those other interesting retail pictures and stories from alive, dying, or dead stores. In 2018 we decided a Facebook page for Retail World wasn't enough and we started this Retail World blog to complement our Kmart World blog site. Retail World is constantly evolving and improving so stick with us for new stories, photos, contests, and more!

Do you love us or hate us? Either way feel free to let us know on our Facebook page. You can start discussions, post your own retail photos, and more.

This site is no easy task to run and keep up, especially with very little revenue coming in from it. A lot of time and effort can go into the blog posts on this site. With that said, we here at Retail World love contributions. If you have a suggestion for the site including retail stories, photos, news, or anything you think we should add to the site, submit it to us! You can email it to us here or like us on Facebook and add it to a discussion there. Note once you submit something to us that you own (photos, story, etc), you give us the right to reprint it/post it on our sites.

We appreciate any and all contributions regardless of which way you choose to do it!

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